CCNA 7.1.a: SNMPv2

Overview: SNMPv2 improves upon the limitations in SNMPv1   Study Notes: SNMPv2 improves upon SNMPv1 (SNMPv1 was criticized for poor security) SNMPv2 includes these improvements Performance – GetBulkRequest in addition to the iterative GetNextRequest Security – party-based security system (obsoleted later due to complexity) Confidentiality Manager-to-manager communications SNMPv2 still uses the less secure community-string The […]

CCNA 7.1: Configure and verify device-monitoring protocols

Overview: SNMP is a layer 7 application layer protocol consisting of an SNMP manager, an SNMP agent and MIBs. Syslog is a way for network devices to send event messages to a logging server, usually known as a Syslog server.   Study Notes: The SNMP manager can be a standalone server or part of a […]

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