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Test your GNS3 configuration

I thought it would be helpful to provide an overview of my GNS3 installation so you can modify your environment accordingly and make it function properly when using eConfigs GNS3 lab topologies. Depending on your install, you may need to modify the .net files to set the correct path. Computer Settings – eConfigs GNS3 labs […]

How to unpack GNS3 IOS binary images

Unpacking GNS3 IOS binary images is accomplished using a few commands in the DOS prompt. My IOS images are stored in the folder C:\GNS3\IOS and that’s the directory I will be referencing below. You should have at least one IOS image that ends with the .bin extension stored in your IOS folder. The process is […]

GNS3 Errors Troubleshooting

You may run into GNS3 errors from time to time.  This post covers some of the more common GNS3 errors and how to fix them. GNS3 is a free, open source network simulation tool you can load on your PC to run Cisco router simulations. When installing and running GNS3 you will inevitably run into […]

GNS3 Overview and Installation

GNS3 Overview: If you’re building a Cisco certification lab I highly recommend using GNS3. You will save both time and money. You can build a number of different lab topologies depending on the exam you’re preparing for. I used to build labs from routers and switches that I bought on eBay, but now that’s old […]