CCNA 7.1.b: SNMPv3

Overview: SNMPv3 contains significant changes to SNMPv2 including options for message integrity, authentication and encryption   Study Notes: SNMPv3 does not use community-strings SNMPv3 provides message integrity, authentication, encryption Security model (Auth) is an authentication strategy for groups and users within those groups Security level (Priv) is the permitted level of security within a security […]

CCNA 7.1: Configure and verify device-monitoring protocols

Overview: SNMP is a layer 7 application layer protocol consisting of an SNMP manager, an SNMP agent and MIBs. Syslog is a way for network devices to send event messages to a logging server, usually known as a Syslog server.   Study Notes: The SNMP manager can be a standalone server or part of a […]

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