CCNA 4.5: Describe WAN access connectivity options

Overview: WAN access connectivity options include MPLS, Metro Ethernet, Broadband PPPoE, Internet VPN (DMVPN, site-to-site VPN, client VPN)   4.5.a MPLS Multiprotocol Label Switching directs data from one network node to the next based on short path labels rather than long network addresses avoiding complex lookups in a routing table. Multiprotocol – protocol independent transport. […]

CCNA 4.4: Describe WAN topology options

Overview: A few different types of WAN topology options exist.  The concepts behind WAN topology can apply to Layer2 or Layer3 of the OSI model.  These are the four types of WAN topology optoins covered on the CCNA exam: 4.4.a Point-to-point A point-to-point link provides a single, pre-established WAN communications path from the customer premises […]

CCNA 4.1: Configure and verify PPP and MLPPP on WAN interfaces using local authentication

Overview: Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) and MultiLink Point-to-Point Protocol (MLPPP) are layer 2 data-link layer communications protocols used to establish connections between two directly connected nodes.   Study Notes: Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) is a layer 2 data-link layer communications protocol PPP is used to establish a direct connection between two nodes PPP connects two devices, typically […]

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