CCNA 1.10: Compare and contrast IPv4 address types (Unicast, Broadcast, Multicast)


Understand the differences between IPv4 address types including unicast, broadcast and multicast IPv4 addresses

Study Notes:

Understand the different IPv4 address types.

  • Loopback - this IP points back to the device's TCP/IP stack.  Pinging it tells you whether TCP/IP has been installed and is running.
  • Layer 2 broadcasts - Layer 2 broadcast traffic stays within a local area network (LAN) boundary; known as the broadcast domain. Layer 2 broadcast traffic is sent to the broadcast domain using a MAC address of FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF.
  • Broadcast - layer 3 - Layer 3 broadcasts are sent to the broadcast network address, which is the last IP in a subnet.  If the IP network is over ethernet, a layer 3 broadcast would also result in a layer 2 broadcast.
  • Unicast - sent to a single device
  • Broadcast - sent to all devices in a network (L2 is different than L3)
  • Multicast - sent to a group of devices, but not all devices



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