CCNA Test Taking Tips

  • Be familiar with each and every CCNA exam topic
  • Take practice exams to familiarize yourself with the Cisco way of asking questions.  There might be two right answers technically, but you'll need to choose the answer that is the best for the given scenario.
  • Review the type of exam questions you will be facing so you don't waste time learning how to navigate them during the exam.
    • Multiple choice, single answer (radio buttons)
    • Multiple choice, multiple answer (checkboxes)
    • Drag and drop (not all "green" items are used, but all "yellow" drop zones should be filled)
    • Fill in the blank (type in your answer)
    • Router simulation (configuration required. not all commands will be available, but enough to complete what is being requested will be available)
    • Testlet questions (multiple questions, make sure you answer them all before clicking Next)
    • Simlets (no configurations required. you will need to show and interpret router and switch configs to answer questions)