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CCNA 7.6.c: Log events


The logging event command lets you monitor interface state-change events as they occur on the router


Study Notes:


logging event bundle-status

  • Enables system logging of interface state-change events on all interfaces on the system
Router(config)#logging event bundle-status
Router#show logging event bundle-status
Router#config t
Router(config)#no logging event bundle-status


logging event link-status

  • Change the default link-status event messaging
  • Set the link-status event messages during boot
  • Apply to global configuration mode
Router(config)#logging event link-status default
Router(config)#logging event link-status boot

Router(config)#no logging event link-status default 
Router(config)#no logging event link-status boot


  • Apply link-status logging to specific interfaces
Router(config)#interface FastEthernet0/0
Router(config-int)#logging event link-status
Router(config-int)#no logging event link-status


logging event subif-link-status

  • Display link-status logging for subinterfaces by applying the command to the primary interface
Router(config)#interface GigEthernet0/0
Router(config-int)#logging event subif-link-status
Router(config-int)#no logging event subif-link-status


logging event trunk-status

  • Display link-status logging for trunked interfaces
Router(config)#logging event trunk-status
Router(config-int)#no logging event trunk-status


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