CCNA 7.3.e: Timezone


When setting the correct time on a router, the first step is configuring the proper timezone


Study Notes:

  • By default, the timezone is UTC
  • Configuring the correct time and timezone on a router are good practices for the following reasons
    • Troubleshooting is simplified when log files display the correct time
    • Multiple devices configured properly with time allow for easier understanding of instances on the network
    • Commands can be scheduled using the router's kron scheduler

Configure the timezone

Router(config)#clock timezone EST -5


Configure daylight savings time

Router(config)#clock summer-time EDT recurring


Configure the router's clock

Router#clock set 09:03:00 Jan 20 2018


View the router's clock

Router#show clock
09:03:00.208 EST Sun Jan 20 2018



PacketTracer Lab: CCNA-7.3.e-Timezone.pkt

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