CCNA 7.3.c: Licensing


Licensing refers to the IOS feature sets authorized to run on the device


Study Notes:

  • Today, there are two major versions of IOS images: 12 and 15
  • IOS version 12 has eight different feature sets to choose from depending on the services you choose to run on your device
IP Base Entry level IOS image
Advanced Security Firewall, IPSEC, 3DES, VPN, SSH
IP Voice VoIP, VoFR, IP Telephony
Enterprise Base Multi-protocols, IBM support
Service Provider Services MPLS, SSH, ATM, VoATM
Advanced IP Services IPv6, Advanced Security, Service Provider Services
Enterprise Services Enterprise Base, Full IBM Support, Service Provider Services
Advanced Enterprise Services Full Cisco IOS Software


  • In IOS version 15 the Feature Sets are condensed into four choices
IP Base Entry level IOS functionality
Data MPLS, ATM, Multi-protocols, IBM support
Unified Communications VoIP, IP Telephony
Security IOS Firewall, IPS, IPSEC, 3DES, VPN


  • Licenses either come as temporary evaluation licenses (typically 60 days) or permanent licenses
  • The license status will display as either "Active, In Use" or "Inactive"
  • Typically, the router will come with IP Base and you would purchase any additional licenses required
  • The additional licenses will come with a Product Authorization Key (PAK)
  • Use the PAK, the Serial Number of the device and the Product ID of the device to generate the license
    • The SN and PID can be found on the pull-out tab attached to the device
    • The UDI is the PID concatenated with the SN
  • Use one of the following options to generate the license file
  • Next, you will receive an email with the license and instructions on installing it on your device
  • Copy the license file to your device the same way you would copy an IOS image using TFTP or FTP
  • Useful commands:

Show licenses on the device

#show license
#show license all
#show license udi
#show license detail
#show license feature


Activate an evaluation license

(config)#license boot level securityk9


Install a new license

(config)#license install flash:<license-file.xml>


Disable a license

(config)#license boot level securityk9 disable

Remove a license

#license clear securityk9
(config)#no license boot level securityk9 disable

Other commands you may need

#license accept end user agreement
#license right-to-use move <keyword>
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