CCNA 5.3: Configure and verify DHCP on a router


Dynamic Host Control Protocol (DHCP) provides configuration parameters to hosts.


Study Notes:

  • The DHCP protocol configures hosts with network settings
  • The DHCP protocol provides other configurable parameters including
    • conflict logging - conflicts occur when 2 hosts use the same IP address
    • excluded addresses - range of IPs to exclude from the DHCP pool
    • default router
    • domain name for the client
    • lease time (days hours minutes) - default is 1 day
    • DNS server IP
    • WINS IP
  • Useful show commands include
    • show ip dhcp pool
    • show ip dhcp binding
    • show ip dhcp conflict


Configure and verify DHCP on a router (excluding static reservations)

5.3.a Server
5.3.b Relay
5.3.c Client
5.3.d TFTP, DNS, and gateway options



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