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CCNA 5.3.a: Configure and verify DHCP on a router – Server


The Cisco IOS DHCP Server feature is a full DHCP Server implementation that assigns and manages IP addresses from specified address pools within the router to DHCP clients.


Study Notes:

  • Clients send DHCPDISCOVER broadcast messages to locate a Cisco IOS DHCP Server
  • The DHCP Server responds with a DHCPOFFER unicast message containing
    • IP address
    • Domain name
    • lease
  • The client returns a formal request for the IP address to the DHCP Server in a DHCPREQUEST broadcast message
  • The DHCP Server confirms the IP address has been allocated to the client with a DHCPACK unicast message to the client


PacketTracer Lab: CCNA-5.3.a-Configure-and-verify-DHCP-on-a-router-Server.pkt

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