CCNA 3.3: Describe how a routing table is populated by different routing information sources


A routing table consists of routes to destination networks that are learned either statically or dynamically by different routing sources.


Study Notes:

  • The routing source populates the routing table
    • Automatically by the router for connected and local routes
    • Statically by an administrator. The administrator statically configures how to get to remote networks.
    • Dynamically by a routing protocol. The administrator configures the networks this router can get to. The dynamic routing protocol does the work to figure out how to get to remote networks and updates the database according to the way the dynamic routing protocol works.
  • The route source in the routing table identifies how a route was learned by the router
    • L -local (the interface on this router)
    • C - connected (the network connected to this router)
    • S - static
    • R - RIP
    • O - OSPF



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