CCNA 2.4.b: Default vlan


If a vlan is not configured on a switchport, it will fall under the default VLAN.  The default VLAN is VLAN 1.


Study Notes:

How to configure a default vlan

  • Technically, you don't configure a default vlan
  • VLAN 1 is the default vlan that comes on all Cisco switches and you can't change it
  • This video will show you some best practices on how to control traffic on VLAN 1 and better lock down your switches
    • shutdown unused ports
    • create a blackhole vlan
    • configure all unused ports as access ports in the blackhole vlan
    • do not extend the blackhole vlan across trunk links


PacketTracer Lab: CCNA-2.4.b-How-to-configure-a-default-vlan.pkt

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