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CCNA 2.4.a: Access ports (data and voice)


How to configure an access port for data and voice


Study Notes:

  • A data and voice access port is required when you have a computer connected to a VoIP phone at a desk
  • The switchport is configured with a voice vlan and a data vlan
  • This is called a Multi-VLAN Access Port (MVAP)
  • The VoIP phone has two different ports in the back and acts as a switch
  • The PC port is for the computer and it uses the access vlan configured on the switchport
  • The switch port on the back of the VoIP phone connects to the switch
  • The VoIP phone will use the voice vlan configured on the switch


PacketTracer Lab: CCNA-2.4.a-How-to-configure-an-access-port-for-data-and-voice.pkt

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